Sunday, November 30

Coalition Of The Worried

Here now the news...

U.S.: Iraq Ambushes Won't Stop Coalition

At the end of the bloodiest month for coalition forces since the war began, U.S. officials said Sunday that the coalition won't be cowed by roadside ambushes that increasingly targeted U.S. allies.
Wait...this just in:

Iraq deaths prompt S Korea review

On Saturday, two Japanese diplomats and their Iraqi driver were shot dead on Saturday, also near Tikrit, an anti-coalition centre.

President Roh is holding a meeting of his National Security Council to discuss policy after Sunday's ambush, which left two more South Koreans seriously wounded. An official said that the meeting of the NSC would try to decide whether the attack was specifically targeted against South Koreans.

He has committed South Korea to sending a 3,000-strong contingent of troops to Iraq, building on the 675 South Korean medical and engineering troops already deployed since May in the south, around Nasiriya. However, he has yet to decide whether to include combat troops in the deployment and correspondents say Sunday's killings could have major political ramifications.