Wednesday, November 19

No, This Article Isn't In The Sun...

From The Scotsman:

Fourteen thousand police on the streets, God knows how many gun-toting Yanks and a mass demonstration yelling insults at the United States President is stark admission that Blair has blundered over this state visit.

The only happy chappies in and around London will be the criminal fraternity. With all those policemen looking after Dubya, it will be paradise for the car jackers, muggers, drug dealers, burglars and pickpockets.

Why should it be that the head of state of a leading democracy, to whom we owed a great deal in and after the Second World War, gets the raspberry while others, tyrants, have been met on state occasions with no protests, or fairly low-key activity?

There is more than a touch of anti-Americanism around, which would be there even if Bush had not captured Blair after 9/11, and then led him by the nose into an illegal war.