Wednesday, November 26

Tax Cut And Spend

One step forward, $373 billion steps back...

GOP Hopes to Pass Massive Spending Bill
Republicans Hope Congress Will Approve $373 Billion Spending Bill When Lawmakers Return Next Month

...Limits on how large television networks can grow were raised even though lawmakers had agreed last week not to do that. The administration which had threatened vetoes on at least three issues also prevailed in fights on overtime pay, federally financed private school vouchers for District of Columbia students, food labels, gun background checks and other issues.

The measure has increases for Bush's plan to aid countries embracing democratic reforms and for helping states update local election systems.

In the last hours before the bill was approved, GOP bargainers accepted language sought by the National Rifle Association to shorten to 24 hours the time the government keeps background check records on gun buyers. The period is now 90 days.

The bill would let networks own television stations viewed by up to 39 percent of Americans, up from the current 35 percent but below the 45 percent ceiling the administration wanted. This will help Viacom Inc., which owns CBS and UPN, and News Corp., owner of Fox, which both exceed the current 35 percent limit because of mergers and acquisitions.
It's a new majority in Washington: Socially conservative, fiscally liberal. Welcome to the Bizarro-er World.