Thursday, November 27

California Republicans Are Collectively Doing A Spit Take Over Their Thanksgiving Dinners Today

Gov. Paroles Second Killer

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed Wednesday to parole a woman who killed her husband's mistress in 1987 — marking the second case in a week in which the newly elected governor has granted parole to a convicted murderer and a notable departure from the policy of his predecessor, Gray Davis.

One of the hallmarks of Davis' five years as governor was his repeated refusal to grant paroles approved by the state's Board of Prison Terms.

Of 294 paroles agreed to by the board in murder cases, Davis blocked all but eight, following his professed belief that extenuating circumstances should not be used to justify homicide. He twice rejected parole for Rosario Muñoz, the woman Schwarzenegger has now agreed to free.

Schwarzenegger appears to be taking a more liberal stance and providing an early indication of his overall attitude toward criminal justice issues.

Aides to Schwarzenegger have also said the governor is considering cuts in the state prison budget, which Davis protected against reductions.