Thursday, November 20

I Guess That Memory-Erasing Gas Missed Me

I don't get it. I just don't get it. First, the message from the Crackhead Twins...

Bush, Blair Condemn Bombing in Turkey

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair stood united Thursday on the war on terror and condemned a bombing in Turkey that killed more than two dozen people.

Blair, speaking after a meeting between the two leaders, called the blasts that shattered the British consulate and the London-based HSBC bank in downtown Istanbul "the latest terrorist outrage."

Blair said the attacks should not lessen "in any way" the two countries' commitment in Iraq.

With the attacks sure to refocus attention on the continuing danger of terrorism, Bush and Blair warned against complacency and used the bombings to justify their troops' continued presence in Iraq despite rising death tolls there.

Blair, who has seen his approval ratings sink amid broad opposition here to the war, called the process of ensuring a stable, democratic Iraq "an essential part in defeating this fanaticism and extremism" that is killing innocents in attacks around the world.
Now the question: What the HELL does Iraq have to do with this? America's - and now the world's - NUMBER ONE terror threat is al Qaeda. And to this day, we still haven't done squat about Osama bin Laden.

Secondly, we were told leading up to this Iraq fustercluck that the mission was to "DISARM SADDAM" - using the exact words of President Flightsuit. So far, there's been nothing to disarm. Hate to bring up this old inquiry, but uh...where in God's name are those weapons of mass destruction? And since our mission there, things have been blowing up all around Iraq. The disarming doesn't seem to be going very well.

So we used all these resources and armour to invade Iraq to "disarm Saddam" which we haven't done. In the process, we tried to GET Saddam which we haven't done. And this mission was supposed to be greeted by joy and flowers with all the goodwill we were going to bring which we haven't done. And all this was after we tried to go after bin Laden in Afghanistan which we haven't done.

Some are saying that the Crackhead Administration might be craftily waiting to reveal the news of Saddam's and bin Laden's respective demises for the 2004 elections. If that's true, a whole lot of people in the Middle East (and oh yeah, our own soldiers) are being maimed and killed in the process by SOMEONE - if not these guys and their followers. So if they pull that rabbit out of their hat, the outrage should be overwhelming.

But that would take America stepping outside the box and looking at ourselves as objectively as we scrutinize the behavior of other countries. Which we haven't done.