Saturday, November 22

TiVo Alert

Okay, so DirecTV is going to be sold to Stupert Rupert. Every once in a while you have to do business with the devil to get cool stuff.

If you have the NHL package here in the U.S., it's about the only way you can watch the first outdoor NHL regular season game. I posted this too late to remind you of the legends game, but you can see Edmonton and Montreal in front of 56,000 fans freezing their butts off at about 7:30 ET on channel 742. Worth watching and keeping.

UPDATE 4:37 PT - It's kinda cool...but the camera work is kinda awkward. They have a crane handling the usual center ice elevated shot, but for some reason they're shooting it too tight and you can't see very much away from the puck. The CBC guys made the observation that since they're wearing gloves under their gloves, they'll need to call a timeout to get them off if they want to fight. Heh.

UPDATE 5:21 PT - :39 into the 2nd period, the first NHL outdoor goal is scored by Richard Zednik of the Habs. No small feat just playing this game - they're announcing a field temperature of -25C (about -13F). Ouch.