Tuesday, November 18

Jamaica: Obligatory First Entry

While I was there, I said to myself, "Gee whillikers it would be peachy and cool if I did a journal of this trip for my readers to see, wouldn't it?" It's damned easy to think that when you're spending the entire day doing absolutely NOTHING. Now that I'm back, I now realize this sort of thing means carving out enough time to do it while living your real life which takes up 23 hours and 17 minutes of each day. So with the 43 minutes I have to make blog entries, I'll do one of these a day until I run out of the 514 (really) pictures we took. Don't worry. Only about 13 of them are worth posting here. Like this one.

...as seen from the water. This is the house where we lived for almost two weeks. And this is the view we had to look at every night.

And still, some people still feel you need rum and ganja to make this appear even better. Even if that were true, I just couldn't bring myself to do that until an entire 2 minutes after I took the picture, so don't tell ME I have no willpower.

Stories and more pictures to come. Just don't hold your breath. Unless you're trying to make that sunset picture appear even better.