Tuesday, November 18

The Wingnuts Are Still Spinning Doubt All Over The Democrats

The right is still on their campaign to keep Howard Dean from being the guy by throwing more fear into the Dems. First it was Karl Rove, now it's the Christian Science Monitor:

...there is a growing sense of inevitability among many political observers that, barring some unforeseen event or revelation, Dr. Dean will win the Democratic nomination. The former governor of Vermont got a boost last week from two major union endorsements, and from his announcement that he will forgo the federal limits on fundraising and try to go head to head financially against President Bush - a show of confidence that his supporters will write more checks and push the send button on more Internet donations.

In the wider Democratic universe, however, the prospect of a Dean nomination has sent some party members into paroxysms of private hand-wringing. Not only do they see him losing badly to Bush, they also see Dean hurting Democratic candidates further down on the ticket...
If the Democrats buy this bag of bullcrap, then they deserve the flatliner candidate that they're so good at putting out there. We call your attention to an outstanding Ward Sutton cartoon brought to our attention by Scott Moore at Points West:

Click to see it.

Now shut up and start kicking some ass out there.