Monday, November 17

Random Mindfarts While I Take Care Of More Real Life

With 25 minutes before the Schwarzenegger regime takes over my state, just a few things I have to sweep out of the corners...

1) Rush is back and he's calling liberals self-hating generally unhappy people. Well, that's what I THOUGHT he said, what with all the joking, laughter and happiness he's oozing today. Of course Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Ingraham, and all the other wacky right-wing entertainers are just wall-to-wall FUN, hah? Hey, now we have the option of wondering if it's really Rush or the pills that are doing his talking.

2) DFW Airport not only has the distinction of being the worst in America, but they also have the worst pizza in the WORLD at a place that has the nerve to call itself "East Side Mario's." Seriously, even the Blue Water Ice Cream and Pizza place in Negril, Jamaica had good pizza. Mario's is a notch below the English-muffin-ketchup-American-cheese "pizza" you made as a kid.

3) I thought I was taking a lot of time off these last two weeks until I saw this.

4) Everyone on the planet thinks this is a PR nightmare except us.

5) I didn't see the entire Iowa party on CSPAN Saturday night (I had to wake up at 1:30am PT to catch my baggage-pilfering flight), but Dennis Kucinich's volume was stuck at 11. Hillary's was at 10.8. I love these folks, but their screaming really doesn't help to win anyone over to our side. After watching the webcast this morning, I'm still a Dean guy.

6) Speaking of Dean, I'm still hearing the Dean-Is-Gonna-Be-Like-McGovern crap. Please. Read this for the billionth time.

More detailed nitpicking is on the way. Let's all get some stuff done.