Sunday, November 30

The GOP Wins And We Get The Bill Shoved Up Our Butts

Aren't you glad you and your kids are going to pay out the nose for these little Republican victories? More lies by the right, folks, and even they're noticing...

GOP Puts Its Mark on Congress and Deficit
By Janet Hook
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 30, 2003

A full year of Republican dominance of government has left a legacy rich in conservative triumphs: cutting taxes, building a muscular defense, restricting abortion.

But the year has also brought an extraordinary expansion of government power and spending that showed Republicans were willing to deep-six their party's traditional commitment to fiscal conservatism and limited government.

The Republican-controlled Congress has passed the third tax cut in as many years, an enormous Pentagon budget, a costly experiment in nation-building in Iraq and a vast expansion of Medicare — all at the request of President Bush. Their actions have left the federal budget swimming in the largest deficits in history.

As one lawmaker heard from a Republican friend, "Democrats are the party of 'tax and spend'; Republicans are the party of 'don't tax — and spend.' " That is the ironic product of the first full year since 1954 that Republicans have controlled the White House and Congress.