Friday, November 21

It's Official - AARP Has Abondoned Its Members

So says CNN's Bill Schneider:

Seniors have become swing voters. Swinging seniors! Who knew?

You know what happens to swingers. Their partners leave them. This week, the AARP endorsed the Republicans' Medicare reform bill.


Back in 1989, the AARP supported catastrophic insurance coverage under Medicare.

Seniors objected to paying a new tax for something most of them already had. They went into revolt. Remember the famous photo of angry seniors attacking House Ways and Means Committee chairman Dan Rostenkowski in his car?

That's the risk the AARP is taking by endorsing this bill.
The revolution has begun at the AARP message board. And Consumers Union says the bill "falls embarrassingly short of giving seniors a real drug benefit, it likely will threaten Medicare’s viability." Let's take care of our elders and drive them to the polls next November.