Monday, November 17

Before We Get To The Jamaica Portion Of Our Show, This Message From Homeland Security

We're back in LA, and yes, we're just a little pissed off here. This didn't happen between Jamaica and Florida. It was from Florida to LA. The TSA ripped open everything in one huge piece of luggage and threw it all back in...because we were one butane lighter over our limit of two. So what did they do? They confiscated all of 'em. And in the process, ripped open every bag, looked in every toiletry case, and unwrapped just about everything inside. For one lighter.

I'm all for safety, and if they did what they do at LAX - rummage through your luggage under your supervision - I'd be okay with this. But this was done after we checked our luggage and it disappeared into whatever caverns the conveyor belts take 'em. When we got home, the piece of luggage had a TSA twist tie on the zipper and the contents were slapdash re-packed with the above little courtesy note stuffed in the mess.

There's something really wrong and creepy about this, but I don't want to seem unpatriotic, so I'll do nothing.

Except show it to the hundreds who check Hoffmania! regularly. Hey, I got a blog and I'm not afraid to use it.