Friday, November 14

A Breath Of Fresh Freakin' Air

Whenever I come to South Florida, I get the chance to listen to the brilliant Randi Rhodes on WJNO. Tonight, she railed heavily against the very company who owns her station, Clear Channel - rightfully wondering why they refuse to acknowledge the 50% of America who are, y'know - DEMOCRATS - by narrowcasting their radio stations to the wingnuts and crackheads (my words).

What makes Randi such a hoot to listen to is that she takes a LOT of callers who disagree with her instead of stacking the lines with sycophants. She shaggy-dogs and finesses 'em so beautifully until she can't take it anymore, then unloads on them so passionately that they're left speechless. No, she doesn't unceremoniously dump the call - they're left out there on the air sputtering and gasping, unable to argue with her (gird your loins for this radical concept) factual slam-dunks. MUCH more fun to hear than the O'Reilly/Hannity/Limbaugh/Et Al hammering the last word long after they quietly dismiss the caller.

She's got the highest ratings in this area - generally considered Jeb Bush territory. It works. And it's great radio. Get this lady into syndication. Now.