Friday, November 14

Iron Hammers And Mosquito Coils - We're Almost Back In Business

Back in the USA for the first day. I'm in Florida and will return to LA over the weekend. I was in Jamaica for most of the last two weeks, and I'll talk about it at a later date. But not now. Not according to the agreement I made with both governments.

Just kidding. I'll post notes and pictures from this wonderful country (Jamaica, I mean) in the days ahead. But now that I'm home free, I can tell you that I did in fact smuggled a pound's worth of the island's finest. Yessir, I got Blue Mountain coffee beans past the feds. Heh heh. Screws. Come and get me.

In the short time I've been back, a few random observations:

- Lou Dobbs' Grecian Formula program is just not working. Spring for a few bucks, Lou. Get the real tinting from a pro.

- There are 12,905 mosquito products on the market. Only one works. I'll tell you later. But not now.

- Who the HELL invents these catchy names for our operations in Iraq? "Iron Hammer." Someone missed out on creating a 70's dramatic series.

- It's really weird walking into a restaurant in Florida and not seeing a spliff in front of me.

- I left LA while it was on fire. Now it's snowing. Earthquakes seem so mundane now.

- Jamaicans are amazing people...and no, I didn't find a single one who would vote for Bush if we took over the island and made them all citizens under Operation: Mango Storm.

I'm forgetting some, but I'm sure you understand why. I'll go over my notes to try to remember what happened over the last 11 days. But it's time to brew some coffee. Heh heh.

No, seriously. It's really honestly coffee. I'm really honestly that lame in my old age.