Friday, November 21

The Crap In The Hat, Continued

The search for a good review of "The Cat In The Hat" continues (see two posts down)...

The Boston Globe: "If the producers had dug up Ted ["Dr. Seuss"] Geisel's body and hung it from a tree, they couldn't have desecrated the man more."

The Rocky Mountain News: "...if the author of the Dr. Seuss books (Theodor S. Geisel) isn't turning over in his grave, he's at least stirring."

The Contra Costa Times: "...a gross corruption of the 1957 original, painfully padded with crude, humorless humor, a multitude of piercing shrieks from child actors and the tired antics of Mike Myers, who characterizes the Cat in the Hat as a cross between the Cowardly Lion and Fat Bastard."

The Denver Post: "I do not like 'The Cat in the Hat,' I did not like it one bit."

The New York Post: "...this atrocious hairball of a film, a nauseating splat of gaudy production design with a distasteful central performance by Mike Myers..."

Dayton Daily News: "The Cat in the Hat promises mischief and fun / but you’ll be wishing him gone well before the film is done / Yet another attempt to cash in on Dr. Seuss’ verse / it’s like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, except much, much worse."

Times-Picayune: "Dr. Seuss surely is spinning in his grave over the latest insult to his memory..."

Toronto Star: "...tasteless and unfunny ."

Boston Herald: "...the comedy in "Cat'' is either lewd, tasteless or mirthless. As Dr. Seuss might say, I would not see it with a friend. I could not stand it to the end."
I guess I should avoid the observation that if you swing a dead cat over your head, you'll hit a bad review. So I will.