Thursday, November 20


All the local channels here in LA have helicopters following the white Lincoln Navigator in Santa Barbara and now the black Lincoln Navigator in Nevada supposedly transporting Michael Jackson to wherever he's going. He might be going back to his video shoot. He might be going to his room. He might be telling the driver to take him to Pizza Hut.

Wherever he's going, it's blatantly someone waiting for an O.J.-like escape. It ain't happening. But the coverage continues.

And somewhere in Britain, President Cokespoon is pleased that CNN isn't showing the hundreds of thousands of angry Brits protesting his visit, because the nets are busy covering this "news."

So here. Let's show you what's NOT being shown on the news - the love the U.K. is displaying toward President Pilotpackage:

And this one showing the magnitude of the mob:

Oh wait...that's the Michael Jackson press conference. Sorry.