Sunday, November 30

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Roy Disney resigns, urges Eisner to follow suit

The vice chairman of the Walt Disney Co., Roy E. Disney, resigned from the board of directors Sunday, citing his "serious differences of opinion" with the chairman, Michael D. Eisner, "about the direction and style of management in the company."
Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, also called for Eisner's resignation. In addition, Disney stepped down from his position as chairman of the feature animation division.

The resignation lays bare a sharp conflict in an entertainment and media company that has called its theme parks "the happiest place on earth."

"You well know that you and I have had serious differences of opinion about the direction and style of management in the company in recent years," Disney wrote to Eisner. "For whatever reason, you have driven a wedge between me and those I work with even to the extent of requiring some of my associates to report my conversations and activities to you. I find this intolerable."