Wednesday, November 26

Drudge Writes About What He Does Not Know - Again

Here we go again into Fairy Tale Land. In a Drudge "exclusive," he tells us that U.S. soldiers are "FUMING" over Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command's honors given to the remains of Howard Dean's brother which have been recovered in Laos. They supposedly have their shorts in a wad over the remains being placed in an aluminum case and draped with an American flag. Natch, none of the fumers are being named or placed, but here's the unspoken part:

It's a written part of JPAC's normal procedure.

Yup. Eschaton points out that JPAC does in fact do this for anyone who's been missing as a result of the Southeast Asia (Vietnam) conflict. In JPAC's words:

Repatriation ceremonies are conducted to honor the sacrifice made by those individuals whose remains have been recovered. As a sign of respect, the remains are placed into an aluminum transfer case and draped with a U.S. flag. Veterans, community members and local active-duty military often attend the ceremonies to pay their respects as the remains are transported from a U.S. military plane to JPAC's CIL.
So either Drudge's military sources are completely ill-informed, or in a desperate attention-getting act, Drudge fabricated this whole "scandal."

Either way - it seems death with dignity doesn't apply to liberals or their families. Even American liberals.