Friday, November 28

Finally, My Long-Running Rhetorical Question Is Answered

"What does Iraq have to do with the war on terror (al-Qaida)?"


Experts: Iraq war taking resources from terror war
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - A growing number of counter-terrorism experts are challenging President Bush's assertion that Iraq is a major battle in the war against terrorism and are questioning whether the U.S. invasion of Iraq has hurt rather than helped the global battle against al-Qaida and its affiliates.

Experts who have served in top positions in both Republican and Democratic administrations are increasingly suggesting that the Iraq war has diverted momentum, troops and intelligence resources from the worldwide campaign to destroy the remnants of al-Qaida.

They note that the presence of U.S. troops in an Arab homeland is serving as a major recruiting tool for signing up and motivating new jihadis, or Islamic holy warriors.
Maybe Bush needs to fly into Afghanistan and boost THEIR morale...