Friday, March 5

The Good News: The Rest Of The Numbers

Associated Press-Ipsos poll conducted by Ipsos-Public Affairs. March 1-3, 2004. N=771 registered voters nationwide. MoE ± 3.5. (Data from 11/03 and earlier co-sponsored by Cook Political Report.)

"Generally speaking, would you say things in this country are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track?" (Last month in parenthesis)

Wrong Track: 60% (52%)
Right Direction: 35% (44%)
Not Sure: 5% (4%)

"If the election were held today, would you definitely vote to reelect George W. Bush as president, consider voting for someone else, or definitely vote for someone else as president?"

Definitely Someone Else: 42% (43%)
Consider Someone Else: 16% (18%)
Definitely Bush: 40% (37%)