Wednesday, March 3

John Kerry - Because America Is Better Than This

It's all but official. It'll be John Kerry against George W. Bush (with both their running mates to be named later) in the 2004 presidential election. In spite of not being my first choice, Kerry is still a great man, towering over the Napoleonic whistleass now running this country. In fact, I do marvel at how someone who was a true activist against the Vietnam war has an incredible shot at being president of the United States. More importantly, he did so after he served his time protecting his band of brothers - something a lot of us didn't/wouldn't do (I was registered 1A-0 with the draft - a C.O.).

Kerry's voting record has its share of blemishes, and he's aware of them. It's also a much different world now. We all now know the extent to which Bush and company has stooped and lied to achieve their power-hungry goals, and those blemishes of Kerry's seem inconsequential by comparison.

America is better than this. We know it. The world knows it.

We MUST stop making enemies - the ones who truly hate us have done enough damage. We cannot foster any more. Our response to their deeds was showing the world how we can beat the crap out of what turned out to be a defenseless country, taking thousands of their citizens' lives in the process.

And make no mistake: Bush tanked the economy and ran up trillions of dollars in deficits to pay for this lie. Millions lost their jobs. And now the buzz is that we'll be raping what we all spent our lives kicking in to Social Security to help pay the bills.

America is better than this. And our work is cut out for us.

Mending the friendships worldwide which Bush torpedoed. A real economic situation where the entire country benefits. A stop to the trashing of the environment which - according to the Pentagon no less - will suffer irreversible damage in our lifetime. This is what Mr. Kerry has to pursue from this day forward.

Bush has to go. Bush will go. And we must fight the lie that's being propagated on talk radio and the Fox News punditry: It's not because we hate Bush. It's not because we hate Republicans. It's for none of the reasons they're trying to cram down your throats. They don't speak for us.

The truth: It's because we love our country too much to let these thugs ruin it. The truth will be the deciding factor in November. It's our strongest campaign platform.

Go, John Kerry. Give 'em hell. We're in your platoon now, and it's our turn to watch your back. Let's win this one for America.

Because America is better than this.