Tuesday, March 9

Keep Talkin', DICK

Morris, that is. He's really keen on Bush's next attempt at smearing Kerry: The Flip-Flop Strategy:

By showing Kerry to flip-flop, Bush sets him up for the real charges - that he is too weak and too liberal to be president.

Conventional wisdom says that this election is going to be close, a replay of 2000. It need not be so. If Bush runs aggressive national advertisements, hammering at these themes, he can put this race away by the end of the spring.

We must remember that Bush's father trailed Mike Dukakis by 17 points in the months before the conventions. Until Bush Sr. ran negative ads, it seemed that the Massachusetts governor would be Reagan's successor. Kerry's bubble may prove to be just that fragile.
Whoa, partner. I wouldn't ride that filly so hard.

You see, we're almost ecstatic that Bush is going to pull out this little pop-gun, because he's about to be torpedoed: A much-heralded chronicle of Bush's little mind changes at Daily Kos is getting some national attention, and we're sure Kerry's folks are all over it. They're too numerous to reprint here. Just see it for yourself - it's jaw-dropping.