Wednesday, March 3

The Media Of Bush's #1 Ally Speak Up!

Take it, Guardian UK!

...the consensus of current polls is that this is now a genuine contest. It is clear both that Mr Bush is beatable and that Mr Kerry is the best choice that the Democrats could have made to beat him. America's voters have done themselves a great favour. If they had picked Mr Dean, Mr Bush would have made mincemeat of him. By picking Mr Kerry, they have given the Democrats their best chance of recapturing the White House. That is something for Britons to welcome too. Nothing in world politics would make more difference to the rest of us than a change in the White House.

The free world has never had a stronger interest in the result of a US election than it has in the defeat of Mr Bush. Senator Kerry carries the hopes not just of millions of Americans but of millions of British well-wishers, not to mention those of nations throughout Europe and the world.
Let's hear it, Daily Record!

Vietnam vet Kerry takes on Bush

PRESIDENT George Bush will today launch the full might of his re-election campaign against Vietnam war hero John Kerry.

Senator Kerry is now the unopposed Democrat challenger for the White House. He wiped out his last remaining rival with a stunning success on the 'Super Tuesday' primaries, winning nine out of 10 states. And he's seen as the one man who can rattle Bush particularly when it comes to war records.

While Kerry was patrolling Vietnam's Mekong Delta ona river boat, Bush was serving in the Air National Guard ... and never left the USA.

Kerry won three purple hearts, a bronze star and a silver star in his 11 months of service. And, after returning to America as a hero, he then campaigned as a veteran against the war.

His supporters claim that, though both Bush and Kerry came from wealthy families, Kerry decided to stand up and fight, while Bush took the easy option and stayed at home.
More to come!