Wednesday, March 10

They Were DESPERATELY Trying To Find A Re-Use For This Adjective!

Find the word which the Bush campaign had to scrap because the candidate they used it against dropped out of the race:

Kerry Calls Opponents 'Crooked,' 'Lying'

Sen. John F. Kerry, the presumed Democratic presidential candidate, used his harshest language yet to describe his Republican opponents, accusing them today of corrupt and deceitful behavior.

Kerry's comments came during a stop at a sheet metal plant in Chicago as he shook hands with workers.

"Tell it like it is," a man at the Hill Mechanical Group told him. "Keep smiling."

"Oh yeah, don't worry, man," the senator from Massachusetts responded. "We're going to keep pounding, let me tell you. We're just beginning to fight here.

"These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen," Kerry added. "It's scary."

The Bush campaign denounced Kerry's remarks as angry rhetoric.
In case we haven't made this clear yet: WE ARE ANGRY.