Tuesday, March 2

They've Got This Fenderhead Addressing Radio Decision-Makers

As the person who sent this to me said: If we don't bleach the news, how do we get Drudge's skid marks out of it?

During this speech, by the way, he still defended his Kerry extra-marital affair story. Jeebus. From Radio and Records Online:

Matt Drudge Cautions Against 'Bleaching' The News

During his Saturday-morning keynote address at the R&R Talk Radio Seminar, the Premiere Radio Networks weekend host and Internet mainstay advised Talk and News radio executives not to let the industry's current sensitivity about broadcast indecency affect how they pursue news, especially when a story might prove controversial. "Be careful about bleaching out information," he said, "because you may just be left with a shell. If we take out the Clorox and make everything a little more boring and a little more dry, Generations X and Y are going to go somewhere else." Noting that technologies like wireless Internet are going to increase citizens' access to news and information, he said the challenge for radio to compete is only going to increase and implored the audience to rise to the challenge. "You have to make a decision," Drudge said. "Are you going to take this fight, or do what others tell you to do?" He continued, "You know the FCC is going to step in somehow, so all of this is setting up a rough ride for citizens in this country." But Drudge vowed that he won't alter his behavior in light of increased scrutiny from the FCC and Congress. "I'm not going to roll over, like I saw some gentlemen roll over on Capitol Hill," he said.
(Don't do it, Hoff. Resist that last line. Show restraint...)