Wednesday, March 3

Using 9/11 To Sell Their Product

That's exactly what Bush's first flurry of campaign TV spots is doing. Hard to believe he's playing this card so soon, but showing images - and invoking the message - of the 9/11 attacks are there in all their predictable glory.

How painful is this for the families of the victims to watch? That their loved ones died so the images can be used to sell the team which refuses to spend more than an hour with the commission trying to find out why the tragedy happened? To watch President Dressup belch platitudes about how Americans are hard-workin' good people while he turned Iraq into a trainwreck? To know it was coming, but right out of the box?

And in a display of unmitigated chutzpah, they also invoke the message that they inherited "a dot-com boom gone bust" and a declining stock market.

Any rational thinking American has got to be speechless over this. They have no conscience and no shame. Disgraceful.