Monday, March 1

Why Am I Voting This Way Tomorrow? WHY?

Call me nuts. Call me a vote waster. Call me what you will.

I think I'm actually going to vote for Howard Dean in the Cali primary tomorrow.

I've really been doing some serious thinking about where my vote's going to go, and I really can't think of a better place for it (Go on. You know you want to say it. A good place for my vote is up where my head is stuck. SAY IT). I'm genuinely not finding the heart or wherewithall to give that vote to Kerry or Edwards yet. They're okay guys, but they still haven't struck me as the people who will carry the message of Democratic and progressive values (Go on. Say how you'd like to strike me with Democratic values and a bag of quarters. SAY IT!).

Yeah, there's Kucinich, buoyed by his dazzling upset in...Hawaii. But, man - none of these guys has the economic record of Dean. They don't have the gubernatorial experience. And frankly, anyone can blow holes in the experience of the whole lot of them, including Dean.

But the way I see it, our little pack of wolverines needs SOME representation at the convention. Yes, it looks like Kerry is going to be the guy, and that's fine with me. But as long as he's so huge, I just have this urge to inject the boy with a shot of what the Dean campaign was all about, and to see to it that at least SOME of our message - y'know, the pre-yawping part - becomes integrated into the Kerry campaign.

Democrats are blessed with a lot of things in our favor - the biggest one is the truth. When our candidate breaks out, he'll have that as his number one asset. I'm hoping my vote will keep his feet to the fire and to not let Bush dictate the conversation with his little costume parties.

Now go ahead and let me have it...