Monday, March 8

And George W. Bush is...?

Right. A Rich Wingnut Elitist. But that doesn't stop the 'nutz...

New ads call Kerry 'rich liberal elitist'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- With ads by the Bush-Cheney campaign and the liberal grass-roots group already battling it out on the airwaves, another set of ads was rolled out nationwide Monday, the first conservative attack ads against presumptive Democratic candidate John Kerry.

Paid for by the group Citizens United, the 30-second message calls Kerry "another rich liberal elitist from Massachusetts who claims he's a man of the people."

In the style of a popular MasterCard advertising campaign, the ad lists the Massachusetts senator's expenses -- including a "42-foot luxury yacht" and beachfront estates worth "over $30 million" -- before calling his alleged claim that he is one of the people "priceless."