Monday, March 8

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll: A Reportage Malfunction

USA Today (co-sponsor of the poll) says:

In the first national poll since the presidential campaign became a two-person race, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry leads President Bush, 52%-44%.
AP is reporting:

In a matchup of the presidential candidates, Kerry and President Bush were about even, Kerry at 47 percent and Bush at 45 percent with independent candidate Ralph Nader at 5 percent among registered voters. Kerry was slightly ahead 50-45 percent when only he and Bush were included in the question. In a three-way matchup among likely voters in the Gallup poll, Kerry had 50 percent, Bush 44 percent and Nader 2 percent.
As soon as someone can give me a correct number, I'll post that.

UPDATE: I think the USA Today account is likely voters, and the AP account is of registered voters. Maybe.