Thursday, July 29

Air America Kicks Portland's Ass!

From the Portland (OR) Radio Guide - a post by Todd Tolces:
All I know is what I know...sorry I don't have all the numbers, but KPOJ has blown everyone away. Franken #1 25-54 Ed Schultz #1 25-54 (M-F 10-3) Randi Rhodes #1 25-54 (M-F 3-7) Marty Kaplan (7-8p) and Janene Garofolo & Sam Seder #2 25-54 (M-F 8-11). KEX derailed KPOJ from running the table by going #1 25-54 7-12 mid. Overall KPOJ #3 25-54 M-Sun 6a-12mid.

KPOJ's numbers basically bounced from a .2 to a 6.4, blowing away the big FM music stations.
This is kind of vague data, and we'll have something more concrete later today. But these look tremendous, to say the least.

UPDATE 4:30pm PT: Radio and Records has the Mon-Sun ages 12+ ratings (percentage of persons responding to the survey). KPOJ has this one year quarterly trend (since last Spring):
1.0 to 0.9 to 0.9 to 0.4 - and now has a 3.7. Wow. Nice. In three months, KPOJ went from nothing to 1/10th of a percentage point away from the top ten stations in the 24th largest market in America.