Wednesday, July 28

Flash: Rev. Moon Also Bought the AP?

Via Blah3...

So, former presidential hopefuls at the convention are "losers"?
And unity among the ex-candidates is now a "loser's chorus"?

This just ranks among the worst kind of news reporting we've ever seen. What's gotten into the AP lately?
Losers fall in line behind party's choice

Loser by loser, the candidates who wanted to be where John Kerry is now paraded across the stage for the last rites of defeat.

Brief rites - six or seven minutes to speak at the Democratic National Convention, and to call for party unity behind the man who beat them all for the presidential nomination. [...]

Four years ago, Sen. John McCain was the defeated rival who pledged fealty to the campaign of George W. Bush at the Republican convention, and Bill Bradley played that role as the Democrats nominated Al Gore. Their acts were solos. Now it is a losers' chorus.

And when it ends, the record will show Kerry the nominee by acclamation.
Apparently, the democratic process just produces losers and is rendered irrelevant by the likes of Walter Mears.

I gotta shower.