Friday, July 30

CNN's Idiotic Decision

By now, you know about CNN's idea that backfired. They decided to add another dimension to the DNC coverage and mike Don Mischer as he directed the post-speech hoopla. Well, in a classic Spinal Tap Stonehenge moment, 90% the balloons got stuck in the rafters and Don did what any of us would do - drop several hundred F-bombs. Live. On CNN. The Most Trusted Name in News®.

Our question of course, is: Why? What was the purpose of this? It's a horrible insult to the audience. We certainly know it's staged. Why not let the viewers enjoy the moment and see it as if they were there? Nope - CNN has to to something clever! It's an event that happens once every four years, so let's make it special!

Wow. Did they ever. Note to CNN: The XFL tried this with the coaches' communicators. How're THEY doing these days?