Tuesday, July 27

They Walk Among Us. They Vote.

I just got into a heated discussion with an acquaintance who engaged me into a political discussion. We were innocently talking about the convention in general when she said she's sick of the convention and she still doesn't know anything about Kerry. I asked if she actually paid attention to the convention or the talking heads. Her reply was that she only knows that Kerry has flip-flopped.

That's all I needed to hear, and the roaring fest was on. "You got THAT from the convention?" "No, I got that from the news."

I swear to God, I was talking to Karl Rove's fax machine. I mean she was just barfing out every cliche talking point imagined.

"At least Bush and Cheney are decisive."
(Yes, but being decisive and being stupid is a horrible combination.)

"What would a Democrat have done in response to 9/11?"
(We sure as hell would have gone after the guy who did it.)

"All you liberals wanted to do 20 years ago was cut funding to the FBI and CIA."
(And all Cheney wanted to do until 9/11 was to slash the military.)

And the coup de grace:

"Why should we attack Afghanistan? What's in Afghanistan?"

That's kinda where I ended the conversation by laughing/screaming, "OSAMA BIN FREAKING LADEN! You mean it was good to attack Iraq because they HAD STUFF?"



My jaw is still dropped. I had to drag it behind me to get to the computer. Please tell me this is not a majority. PLEASE. Because my jaw's killing me.