Friday, July 30

Whistle-Ass is Speaking

Bush is kicking off his "Heart and Soul of America" tour (really) in Missouri - it's on C-SPAN right now (it might be on CNN, but I don't want to hear the director yelling "GO, APPLAUSE. WHERE'S THE APPLAUSE? F---ING APPLAUSE...").

Man, after seeing the last four nights, this guy is stature-challenged. He's pushing the "extreme makeover" meme which probably won't get much traction. Check it out.

UPDATE: Here's his version of "Hope is on the way": "Results Matter!"

He's kidding, right?

ANOTHER UPDATE: OH, NO! He's re-pushing the line of leaving the era of "if it feels good, do it and blame someone else" and entering the era of being responsible for our decisions. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

FINALE: He ended stating that he promised to restore dignity to the White House. If you give hime four more years, he will continue to do that. Or more precisely, START to do that.

Man, oh, man. Absolutely nothing new here. You can hear the wheels spinning in the mud. This might fly in front of his freeper base, but if this is any indication of what he plans to say in front of Kerry in the debates, he should make his next campaign stop at a Mayflower and get an estimate on the January 20th move-out. Toast.