Friday, July 23

Reasons for a Democratic House - #2

#1 being a congress that can launch impeachment proceedings against Bush if he's somehow re-selected. This Business Week profile of Kerry's economic plan underscores why we MUST, MUST, MUST put a Democratic majority in the House this year - possibly far and away more important than the presidential race itself. (Italics ours)
[Kerry's] agenda -- a set of programs aimed at helping workers cope with rising health and tuition costs, the offshoring of jobs, and stagnant wages -- is complex and pricey. It's also a sketchy blueprint that, should Kerry win the election, will almost certainly undergo radical surgery when the candidate confronts budget reality and what's likely to be a hostile GOP Congress. At its core is a grand bargain: Kerry offers a $650 billion health-insurance plan and $200 billion in education spending, to be financed by rolling back Bush's tax cuts for families earning more than $200,000 - about 3% of taxpayers. That could free up some $600 billion to $860 billion - money the Dems feel could be better used to ease stress on working families and spur consumption.

But that would leave nothing for Kerry's pledge to slash the deficit. And if a GOP-controlled Congress balks at rolling back tax breaks for the wealthy, he would have to drastically scale down his ambitions, risking the ire of voters.
Oh, yeah. Voters. Imagine that - a plan which helps them and not the Bush Buddy corporate elite. Work for your local Democrat congressional candidate. It's that important.