Monday, July 26

The MSNBC Pundits Fall Under the Spell...

Joe Scarborough, Republican pollster Frank Luntz, Pat Buchanan - all seemed to be tonight.

MSNBC's "Convention After Hours" is actually (and surprisingly) a very fun show to watch. The panel is remarkably well-balanced, but even more shocking is Scarborough declaring he'd rather see Kerry in the White House than Bush. Luntz called the speeches "smart," "very effective," "masterful," and has hardly spoken a single negative word. Buchanan's being Buchanan post-2001.

Ron Reagan's co-hosting with Scarborough. The guest panelists included Jon Stewart, Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert earlier, with Joe Trippi, Dee Dee Myers and a cross-section of newspaper columnists on now. As the hour gets later, they all get punchier. Guess they close the party at 2am ET.

It's bearable network fare. High praise indeed.