Thursday, July 22

Rumors We Like

Bartcop floats the one he heard that Mike Malloy is being looked at for 10pm-1am ET on Air America Radio.

Interesting time slot. That would mean either taking an hour away from Garofalo or moving her up to 7pm, replacing Marty Kaplan's Parade of Intern Reporters ("So What Else Is News?") from 7 to 8.

Rumors are rumors. Let's see if it plays out. There is this at Mike's website:
Keep checking here for some exciting radio news!!
--July 19, 2004
If true, it means AAR is making a real go at being a full-time program supplier. Their New York success has blindsided the industry - although the 50% of the population of America who's been aching to hear this kind of radio for the past 12 years has been telling said deaf industry, "THERE'S A MARKET FOR THIS!"

It takes a good whack in the head sometimes...