Wednesday, July 28

Whoops, Howdy

Even the Repubs have gotten used to this whole "President Kerry" idea.
Healey's anti-Kerry missive misfires

Whose side is Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey on, anyway?

The Republican Healey was laying out the party line on-soon-to-be Democratic nominee John Kerry, criticizing his shifting stance on the Iraq war, when whoops, there it was:

"President Kerry has done those things," she said, immediately realizing that she had elected the wrong man. "President Kerry -- oh, my goodness . . . uh, Senator Kerry has done those things, and so I think we know what President Bush stands for, and the American people are so very confused about what Senator Kerry stands for, because he's told us too many sides of the story."

Healey looked clearly nervous after making the misstatement, which occured during an interview on New England Cable News. Healey is attempting to fill the role as GOP attack dog, since Governor Mitt Romney has insisted that he will be a host, not a partisan, during convention week.

Thanks, Mark