Saturday, July 31

More on the "1.5 Million Jobs Since August" Boast

May I just throw another wrench into Bush/F---Yourself's favorite talking point?

Births in the United States in 1988 numbered 3,913,000. During the year 2004, all those people have now entered the workforce. Factor in 1987's 3,829,000 births.

See where we're going here? 1.5 million jobs since August - WHICH WAS AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO, we might add - doesn't even cover half the working population growth, no less the adult population which lost their jobs.

This talking point is dead, dead, dead. It's as irrelevant as the flatliners occupying the White House.

UPDATE: Sgt. Bill chimes in with some other stats to be considered...
[This] sounds right, but you aren't taking into account the fact that (on average, 2001 estimates - which can't take into account Iraq or the like - we can expect 2.4 million people to die. So those numbers tell me he's just barely keeping up, and we can ignore his claim that "this shows steady growth" (like he did here).

Of course, math is apparently a little tough for the kids in the White House. I mean, come on! $445 billion deficit? Is it just me, or wasn't America's bank account looking a little better just four short years ago?

Please, keep up the good work.
Duly noted, and thanks.