Tuesday, July 27

Ratings News

Any wonder why the ratings are the way they are? The networks have marginalized this year's conventions to the point where the public thinks it's not relevant.
CBS Takes Monday; Convention Not a Big Draw

As usual, CBS took the ratings title Monday night, although neither it nor its big three brethren got much of an audience for coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

CBS averaged a 5.6 rating/10 share in primetime to win by a comfortable margin. FOX took second with a 3.7/6, just beating NBC's 3.6/6. ABC was fourth at 3.2/5. The WB came in at 2.0/3 and UPN at 1.6/3.

All three networks covered the Democratic convention live at 10 p.m. (West Coast viewers saw local programming). CBS, benefiting from the best lead-in, led with a 4.2/7. NBC averaged 3.3/6 and ABC 2.8/5.