Friday, July 30

Y'know, Scaring the Crap Out of the Country Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

What does it say when the guy who's in charge of homeland security can't make a living wage?
Ridge Tells Colleagues He May Retire

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is considering stepping down after the November election, telling colleagues he is worn out from the massive reorganization of government and needs to earn money in the private sector to put his teenage children through college, officials said.

Ridge will not make a final decision until he talks to President Bush later this year and is focused on thwarting the terror attacks that officials fear al-Qaida will attempt before November, Assistant Homeland Secretary Susan Neely said.

The former Pennsylvania governor, who agreed to serve as the department's inaugural secretary, also has expressed to colleagues frustration over the continuing challenges of reorganizing the 22 disparate agencies that formed the Homeland Security Department, officials said.
He hopes to open a telemarketing firm to scare the crap out of Americans one-on-one. We wish him the best.