Monday, July 26

Wasn't Iraq A "Humanitarian" War?

Of course that was reason #42 Bush gave for that ongoing fustercluck. 5,000 Iraqis died under Saddam. Okay, 25,000 less than Bush originally told us. So now that 30,000 have perished in Sudan, where's Bush's sense of humanity now? On vacation in Crawford, of course. Precocious little bastard.
The European Union has joined the push for U-N sanctions against Sudan if it doesn't end a humanitarian crisis in its Darfur region.

The conflict began 17 months ago when two groups from African tribes rebelled over land and resources. Arab militias then began a brutal campaign to drive out black villagers. Thirty-thousand people have died.

E-U officials say they may freeze the assets of both the Sudanese government and rebel leaders. The U-N Security Council would make the final decision, though some members appear reluctant. The State Department says the U-S does not plan to send troops.