Wednesday, July 21

O, the Laughter! O, the Uproariousness!

Jenna Bush Cracks Up Media With Gesture

When first lady Laura Bush counseled her twin daughters on how to behave while campaigning with their father, she may have skipped the part about not sticking your tongue out at the media.

That's what Jenna Bush did Tuesday after President Bush arrived at St. Louis' Lambert International Airport.

After Bush got in the back seat beside Jenna, the 22-year-old graduate of the University of Texas at Austin started smiling through the window at about 10 to 12 news photographers and radio reporters stationed on a platform.

Then she stuck her tongue out and began to laugh.

As everyone on the platform started to laugh and snap photographs, Jenna Bush looked at them for a few more seconds, smiling and laughing.
And then we all laughed. We were laughing and laughing and laughing. And then she laughed which made us all laugh. Then we journalists all went out for pie.

When Charlie reminded us of Jenna sticking out her tongue, we all laughed and laughed some more. Joey's milk shot out of his noze. We all laffed again. And then we meedia peepul went home, wundering if preznit's dawter Jenna giv me tung. An we lafft mor. ha ha ha! we rite gud nooz!

- the assocheeatid pres