Thursday, July 29

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Michael Reagan bashes brother's stem-cell speech

BOSTON -- Conservative radio host Michael Reagan went on TV to criticize his brother's speech here Tuesday and bitterly complain that Nancy Reagan loves him best.

"He is her favorite," Michael Reagan said on Fox News. "Ron can do no wrong. I mean, basically that's it, Ron can do no wrong."

Ron Reagan's stem cell research speech to the Democrats -- and Nancy Reagan's dis of an invite to the GOP convention -- sent the Republicans into a tizzy.

Michael Reagan led the attacks.

"He is being used by the Democrats," Michael Reagan said. "He is the typical liberal: He hates George Bush."

Michael, Ronald Reagan's adopted son with first wife Jane Wyman, has long competed with Ron Reagan for the affection of Nancy Reagan. In his 1988 book, "On The Outside Looking In," he wrote that the Reagans never loved him.