Tuesday, July 27

Meanwhile, in our 51st State, Bushylvania...

The carnage continues...
Car Bomb Explodes North of Baghdad; 13 Reported Dead

A car bomb exploded on Wednesday outside a police station in the restive town of Baquba, just north of Baghdad, killing at least 13 people and wounding scores, witnesses and a doctor said.

Ahmed Fouad, a doctor at a Baquba hospital, 40 miles north of the capital, said at least 13 people were killed in the explosion, but the full picture was not yet clear.

Hospital officials said as many as 80 people may have been wounded in the blast, which went off almost directly outside the police station at mid-morning, when the streets would have been crowded. The police station is in the center of town.
The death toll in an Iraq suicide bombing has risen to 68 people.The blast outside a police station in Baquoba left another 40 injured. Most of the casualties appear to be Iraqi civilians. It's the deadliest bombing in Iraq since the US transferred power to an interim government.