Monday, July 26

Convention Notes

From the floor in front of the TV...

FLASH ANIMATION GONE WRONG: That's the DNC Interactive Map of the Convention. Click on anything if you have the guts. Go on! We DARE ya!

TERRY MCAULIFFE: YES, THE HEAD OF THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE IS SPEAKING. HEH. HE PUNCTUATES EVERYTHING WITH A "HEH." HEH. AND EVERYTHING IS AT THIS LEVEL. HEH. SO WHEN HE GETS TO THE CRESCENDO ABOUT DON'T STOP AND DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN - IT SOUNDS THE SAME AS WHEN HE SAID "HELLO." HEH. Okay. It's time to let all future speakers in on the secret. Sound engineers can "ride" volume on a microphone. Being in an arena doesn't mean you need to yell. We now have these things called "Sound Systems," see? This is my biggest fear about Kerry's speech. You need peaks and valleys in your speeches. All peaks gets real old real fast, as evidenced by the delegates squirming four minutes into McAuliffe's yelling.

UNANCHORED AND FREE: Yeah, I'm watching C-SPAN as promised. Their unblinking coverage is enormously welcome for anyone who doesn't need everything spelled out by a network nitwit. They're doing a SENSATIONAL job. They have it all, including crane and robot cameras. Just a pleasure.

BILL RICHARDSON: NOW HE'S TALKING TO OPEN THE CONVENTION TO PRIMETIME! AND HE'S DOING IT REALLY LOUD! Stop yelling! All of you! Take a cue from BeBe Winans. You don't need to shriek. Please. SOMEONE tell this to everyone. Sound engineers live for this. Let them handle the volume. Please.