Thursday, July 29

The Balloon Drop Needs Work...

But Kerry lit the rocket nicely. He hit all the targets right in the bullseye. His challenge to Bush about the tone of the campaign was outstanding, and the issues were finally there for America to see. And finally - FINALLY - clarifying that voting for/against the war record for the masses who just got their news from the Rove News Service. Did he hit the veteran thing a lot? Yes. Too much? No, not as far as we're concerned. That experience is the biggest difference between him and Bush - it's the reason for his entire career. Check that. His whole being. And since Bush never saw how war destroys firsthand, Kerry took him to school.

Great seeing all the former opponents in the primaries up there with him at the end. Unity, my friends. We have it. We're riding it into November.

That said...stuff the bank. Contribute before midnight ET by clicking the banner above. Let's do this thing.

UPDATE: The Kerry site is getting HAMMERED, no small thanks to Kerry's plug. But keep trying if you're having trouble getting in.

Here...savor the night.