Thursday, July 1

Another Weekend of F911 - Keep Making News, Folks

As amazing as this past weekend was for Fahrenheit 911, there was one standout story of Lani Frank - who as it turns out is a friend of a friend of a friend back East.

Woman cited for passing out voter registration forms

EAST CALN -- She said she didn't scream fire in a crowded theater.

All she did was hand out voter registration forms to movie patrons on their way out of the controversial film "Fahrenheit 9/11" on Saturday night.

Because of that, Lani Frank, of Easttown, doesn't understand why -- or feel it was right -- that she was handcuffed and cited at the Regal Cinemas by police.

State police said Frank was in a place of business and causing a disturbance. They said she refused to leave and, for that, was cited for disorderly conduct. The citation, much like one a person would receive for a traffic violation, is a summary offense.
What makes this hideous was that - for the life of me - I can't name one person who has been handcuffed for a "traffic violation." You can hear the Air America coverage of this here (again, thanks to Buzznet Media).

Stay in the news, readers. Take a friend to see it this weekend. And make sure ALL your friends and family are registered to vote.