Thursday, July 1

Bars of Soap for Cheney!

Anita sends us this incredible idea from none other than ABC Radio/Air America's Satellite Sisters:

The Sisters first thought there should be a Million Mom March on Washington to protest Dick Cheney's potty-mouth ... but after deciding that every mom they knew was way too busy for that sort of adventure, they then came up with a better idea: get every mom (or Dad) in America to send him a bar of soap, with which to cleanse his yap.
What do you say? We'll come up with a name for it - "Soap for the Dope" is nice. Here's his address (although I'm only guessing at the actual bunker number):

Soap for the Dope
ATTN: Vice President Richard Cheney
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Bunker 14-C
Washington, DC 20501