Thursday, July 1

Wonder What Fox News Will Get Hit With?

Y'know, with them showing penetration during Neil Cavuto's promo and all. Wait! I know! Nothing!

Jackson Super Bowl Exploit May Cost Viacom $550,000
The proposed FCC fine probably would be shared by 20 stations directly run by CBS.

WASHINGTON - The Super Bowl breast flash could end up costing CBS $275,000 a second, making one of the big game's commercials look like a bargain.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael K. Powell has proposed fining the Viacom Inc.-owned network $550,000 for airing Janet Jackson's naked right breast for two seconds at the end of her halftime duet in Houston with Justin Timberlake.

Powell's recommended fine probably would hit each of the 20 TV stations directly owned and operated by CBS with a $27,500 bill.

An agency official confirmed Wednesday that the chairman was seeking approval of the fine from the agency's four other commissioners. Sources said it might be several weeks before the proposal was acted on.